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Welcome to Nida Trust Website

Nida Trust works with the community to educate young people through empowering and supporting students, teachers and parents. As a result of increased opportunities and the reduction of poverty we hope to produce a more tolerant and respectful younger generation who are confident with themselves and can easily integrate with others, creating a more cohesive community.

Teachers Development Programmes

Outstanding teaching is the key to outstanding learning. To achieve this, teachers must be well trained in understanding the needs of the students they teach. Nida Trust has developed a number of programmes to capacity build teachers in the State, Independent and Supplementary sectors. more

Curriculum Development

Having an accessible curriculum that is relevant to the students’ needs is essential to making learning realistic and appropriate in the current environment. Nida Trust continues to work with academics, researchers and practitioners to develop initiatives that aims to enrich the current curriculum provision, thereby making learning relevant. more

Parental Engagement Programmes

Parents play a pivotal role in education. As a primary educator, parents can play a significant role in raising the achievement and aspiration of young people. Nida Trust has developed a number of projects to empower and engage parents in supporting their children with education. more

Student Development

Nida Trust has initiated a number of projects to develop students so that they achieve their potential and at the same time become active citizens contributing to the development of their community and the society. more