About Us

The ‘Educate Every Child’ campaign is led by teachers and senior leaders working within UK schools. Our unique team is able to provide much more than just fundraising, including curriculum development, teacher training and school linking.

‘Educate Every Child’ has teamed up with five leading UK based charity, who have many years of experience working in these regions and have established offices and local partners who ensure that every penny raised by ‘Educate Every Child’ will go towards educating children in those regions.

‘Educate Every Child’ has also teamed up with many schools across the UK who, with their pupils, regularly organise fundraising activities every half term. Schools will compete with each other to see who has raised the most amount of funds. Awards will be given to schools that raise the most amount of funds.

‘Educate Every Child’ will also be teaming up with corporate partners who will provide sponsorship for large public events and provide expertise on strategic planning.