Professional Studies for Headteachers

Aims of the course

Headteachers and members of SLT will be able to:

  • validate teaching and learning as the central activities of the school;
  • engage with peers and teachers in career-long learning to improve student achievement;
  • collaborate with colleagues to achieve organisational goals while still meeting the needs of individuals;
  • use data in planning and decision making for continuous development;
  • model effective teaching and learning processes;
  • incorporate measures of accountability that direct attention to valued learning outcomes;
  • find opportunities to work, discuss and solve problems with peers.


Unit 1: Developing Effective School Systems

Unit 2: Ensuring Accountability & Effective use of School Performance Data

Unit 3: Communication & Personal Skills

Unit 4: School Self Evaluation & Improvement

Unit 5: Driving Initiatives & Change Management

Unit 6: Managing Staff / Conflict Resolution & Developing Staff

Who can apply?

This course will be open to all members of senior leadership teams within schools.

Date and Duration

Sun 30th September 2012

Sun 11th November 2012

Sun 13th January 2013

Sun 3rd March 2013

Sun 14th April 2013

Sun 9th June 2013

9:30am - 3:30pm


The course will be delivered by experienced headteachers (with NPQH) and school inspectors.


The courses will be held at schools in London and Birmingham. Check for an up to date schedule.


£150 per delegate (covers all six modules)

How to Register