Y – Lead Programme

What are the aims of this programme?

The main aims of this programme are to:

  1. create awareness of the importance of effective youth leadership
  2. promote value of youth leadership in the community
  3. equip the young people with key leadership skills
  4. enable young people to engage in the civil society effectively to bring about a positive change

What will I learn after completing the programme?

After completing the session, you will learn:

  1. how effective youth leadership  is essential in today’s society
  2. how to evaluate your own practice and what needs to be done to improve further
  3. the necessary skills needed to be an effective youth leader
  4. the necessary skills and knowledge about how to engage in the civil society

Who can apply?

Any institution working with young people or any young person interested in developing their leadership capabilities. This programme is open to young people aged 14 – 18 years old

What’s involved?

This programme is delivered in an interactive manner using modern teaching methodologies. The participants will take part in a range of workshops covering some of these topics:

  • Effective leadership
  • Express yourself
  • Conflict resolution
  • Motivation
  • Influencing others
  • Developing an effective campaign

Participants will be required to work in teams, do presentations and engage in various practical activities. Students will be given homework end of each session which they will be required to present in the following sessions.


This is a 6 weeks programme with each session lasting for 3 hours.

How to apply?

Visit the Nida Trust website: www.nidatrust.org.uk