Widening Participation Programme

What are the aims of this programme?

The main aims of this programme are to:

  1. create awareness of the importance of higher education
  2. promote access to higher education
  3. raise the number of young people from the disadvantaged background to continue with their education
  4. increase the life opportunities for the young people

What will I learn after completing the programme?

After completing the session, you will learn:

  1. why going to higher education is important
  2. how to access higher education
  3. what you need to do now to progress into higher education
  4. about the opportunities when you progress to higher education
  5. about the student life when you progress to higher education

Who can apply?

Any institution working with young people. This programme can be tailor made to cater for different age groups.

What’s involved?

This programme is delivered in partnership with various universities. Student ambassadors from different universities are used to deliver various sessions. Typically, each session will last for 2 hours. Each session is delivered in an interactive manner using active teaching strategies. In a session, students will take part in group activities, watch videos, presentations, etc.

Students who go through our programme will get the chance to visit one of our partner universities where they will get the chance have a tour of the university and take part in various activities to promote the significance of higher education.


Length of this programme will vary depending on the needs of the school. Typically, each session will last for 2 hours

How to apply?

Visit the Nida Trust website: www.nidatrust.org.uk