Let’s Read Programme

What are the aims of this programme?

The main aims of this programme are to:

  1. improve the reading skills of young people
  2. create awareness of the importance of reading and how it impacts on achievement
  3. unable young people to access the curriculum more easily
  4. increase the life opportunities for the young people

How will the young people benefit from this programme?

After completing this programme, the young people will be:

  1. better readers
  2. motivated to read more
  3. able to express their views and thoughts more clearly
  4. more confident in participating in classroom discussions
  5. able to use a large range of vocabularies when doing a presentation or producing a written piece of work

What’s involved?

This programme is targeted at students in Key stage 1 and 2. Nida Trust will work closely with different primary and supplementary schools to deliver this programme. Nida Trust will provide volunteers/mentors to selected schools once a week for an hour. The volunteer will work with a selected number of students to raise their literacy. The mentor will support them with reading and literacy work in lessons.

Who can apply?

Primary  and supplementary schools.


This programme will last for a term. The volunteers will visit the school once a week for an hour.

How to apply?

Visit the Nida Trust website: www.nidatrust.org.uk