Aspire Programme

What are the aims of this programme?

The main aims of this programme are to:

  1. encourage young people to lead projects  that will impact their community positively
  2. enable young people to become project leaders
  3. develop themselves and others
  4. engage the young people in the civil society

What will I learn after completing this programme?

After completing the session, you will learn:

  1. significance of youth leadership
  2. how to evaluate your own practice and what needs to be done to improve further
  3. the necessary skills needed to be an effective youth leader
  4. the necessary skills and knowledge about how to engage in the civil society
  5. how to become a reflective youth leader

Who can apply?

This is open to young people interested in developing their leadership capabilities. This programme is open to young people aged 16 – 21 years old

What’s involved?

Young people are invited to submit a project initiation document focusing on an issue in their local area to the Nida Trust. The Trust will then evaluate all the project documents before deciding on two winning projects. Nida Trust will then provide funding and mentoring support to these projects to ensure its successful delivery.


Three months. The project must be completed in 3 months.

How to apply?

Visit the Nida Trust website: